Jenny Stuttard

Graphic Design

Knock Knock Light

While interning at MyORB I took part in a visual game of Telephone (or Chinese Whispers) with the interns from Zut Alors, KarlssonWilker and Hugo & Marie.

Each person came up with their own theme or topic as a starting point, and had to make a piece of work from that. Without saying what the piece of work is about, we then passed it onto another person, who made their own piece of work in response to it.

My initial piece is based in the thought of how laughter or humour is a common bonding tool when meeting new people, and how we test the waters of peoples personalities with it.

We say a joke, and its either funny or its not - like a light, its on or its off, yes or no.

I like bad jokes.

350mm x 250mm lightbox