Jenny Stuttard

Graphic Design


How are you today?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and I love how diverse design can be. I like to explore formats and materials and take a hands on approach

I think about things critically - what things mean, how they can be done and if they're working in the best way possible. I like to make sense and have reason behind my decisions and to make it more than just pretty.
A good mix of playful concepts with serious and elegant solutions.

My primary skills are publications & editorial design, identities and icons. I'm also interested ininfographic and web design and have basic CSS & HTML experience.

Subjects Im particularly drawn to and interested in working within are mental health, health & biology languages, nature, and food.

Dual UK & US citizenship means I can work freely in both countries. I am currently based in London after having spent the last year in the Netherlands and New York. I'm ready to go where ever my little heart may take me next


Internship at MyOrb
Soho, New York Sep - Nov 2014

Volunteer at Open Set Summer School
Rotterdam, August 2014,

Idea generation for involvement with
Witte De Witestraat Festival for Studio Squash
Rotterdam, August 2014,

Internship at Trapped In Suburbia
The Hague, Netherlands Jan - April 2014

Joint led design & production of
The Manual For Useful Art
Liverpool, August 2013

Placement at Black & Ginger
Liverpool, September 2012

ERASMUS IP Inform Animation
Sardinia, Italy, 2012. While there I made this

Liverpool John Moores University
BA Hons Graphic Arts: First class

What's in the picture?


While studying we had a ping pong table in the studio. Needless to say, it went down a storm. We had a couple of fund raiser Ping Pong Party nights for our degree show, where we sold blank laser cut bats which everyone then customized. The darker funny shaped bat has thermo-chromic pigment on it meaning it changed colour as I played. I love playing around with different materials and seeing how I can make one thing, do another.


I'm a big fan of turquoise, and I love birds, animals - all round nature. I was pretty happy when I found this beauty. It's a favourite.


I play the drums. I find they're a great break from design, but something where your mind can still be working away, thinking about how to combine different elements. There's a weird dynamic of structure and control against completely letting go and not holding back.

4. FUN TO MAKE . . .

I've always been into and loved making things. I love using my hands to create something. Paper, fabric, plastic, wood. In graphic design, my work tends to often have a physical or tactile element to it.


I love food so much, I carry my money around in it. Demolishing burgers is a special talent of mine.


Mama's from New York, Papa's from Yorkshire. A cross cultural baby, I've always been interested in different cultures.


Like I said, I love food. But not just eating it, I love cooking and baking. This is a freshly home baked, from scratch, first go ever, Tiger bread roll.


With 2 other graduates, I designed and produced 500 copies of the manual, which is now on sale at The Whitechapel Gallery in London. It was hard, but incredibly worth while, I learned a lot. I can take on a challenge.


Trying to show my more literary side here, I love Irvine Welsh novels. Their foul, crude, and show humans darker underbelly. Completely compelling.


In 2012 I went to Sardinia to take part in Erasmus IP Informanimation 2012. I got together with people from Greece, Madrid, Sardinia and Wales to create an informative animation about the Wild Boar population in Sardinia. It was great to work with people from different countries and areas of design. And how cool is this cork postcard.


My 'family album' of all my babies so far. Like all proud parents, I want to give my babies the chance to shine. Itching for more info on a certain project? Lets chat.