Jenny Stuttard

Graphic Design

Bold Street Coffee Bean Machine

Prototype for hypothetical interactive installation for Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool.

The perky world of coffee can sometimes be a little confusing, we don't always know our macchiato from our mochachino or what to go for. The idea of the Bean Machine is to provide customers with a playful way of deciding what coffee to order, or just something to play with while waiting.

Based on the old coin drop arcade game, the user selects a coffee bean from the tray below, and drops it into the top of the machine. It then falls down, bouncing off the pegs and lands in 1 of 4 options. As the bean lands, its passes an infa-red sensor triggering a light. This light reveals the selected drink option hidden by the two-way mirror on the front. The machine is then reset, ready for another go

The panel with the drink options written on is removable, meaning it can easily be changed and updated.

While this was just a prototype, maybe Bean Machine 2 will live one day.