Jenny Stuttard

Graphic Design


Typeface developing on from A Silent Declaration using the concealed thread technique to govern the design of letter forms

Covert can be broken down into three parts; the readable letter forms, the directional arrows, and the tactile 'pulled' form of the letter which is different every time.

When typing with Covert, the visible letterforms serve as the capitals, and the directional arrows serve as the lowercase. If a section of text is typed in capitals, and again in lowercase, the two will line up with each other, and the directional arrows will fit in the spaces on the corresponding letter forms.

The tactile form is made by having the content type out in capitals on one sheet of paper, to which a length of thread if glued following the shape of the letter. A 'sticker' of double sided tape is then placed over this, and on top of that and sheet of paper with the corresponding directional arrows, or lowercase, is secured - with a whole in front of the starting arrow to pull the thread through.