Jenny Stuttard

Graphic Design


Identity, vinyl and booklet for self proposed exhibition on the brain.

Inside looks at what we know about the brain, how we've come to know these things, and how our brains make us who we are.

Impossible shapes are used throughout the design to reflect the complex nature of the brain and the strange dynamic that when we study the brain, we're using our own brains to do so - entering a strange perpteual loop of neruon activation. The brain is studying the brain.

"Your Are Here" is also referenced through out, working upon the explorational nature of the exhibition, but also to highlight that our brains are the source of our personalities and everything we know and understand about the world around us.

The floor vinyl would be placed at the entrance of the exhibition, acting as a landing point and introducing some of the key parts of the brain. Large enough to walk around, visitors would be able to explore the brain by interacting with it in a similar way to a mini maze.