Jenny Stuttard

Graphic Design

A Silent Declaration

Series of handmade risographed publications looking at four different double agents from World War 2.

Initially the book appears to simply be a collection of photographs, but, concealed on the last page is a thread, that at first looks as though it's part of the bind. In reality if this thread is pulled, it tears open the page, revealing the hidden information inside - the stories of the men in the photographs.

Once the thread is pulled, the book is transformed.
From black and white, tidy and neat - to bold red and torn edges.

The book presents the user with a question - do they keep it intact and preserve it, or do they rip through the pages and use the book to it's full potential and permanently alter the book.

It reflects the theme of secret and hidden content and the no-going-back nature of the commitment the men made. It also challenges the way we feel we should treat a book - ripping the pages seems wrong because it's destructive.

A6 publications